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2 questions actually, I hope that's ok. I'll put the question I'm more interested in first, so if this is a 1-per-customer situation, I'll get the one I want more.

1) What's with all of the "I'll be your ____!!!" (friend, mom, dad, brother, etc.)? I get the need for community, but I feel like it minimizes what people seem to be going through. For instance, someone feeling rejected by their parents, there's usually at least one or two people who chime in with "That's ok, I'm your mom now! I'm proud of you son!" And while I'm sure the support is appreciated, I think that minimizes the stress and rejection someone is experiencing. As if feeling rejected by the people who raised you for your entire life can be just shrugged off by some random stranger on the internet claiming the title of mom. Again, I'm sure the support is great and all, but it seems like a way to sidestep the issue with a platitude rather than actually engaging with the person and helping them process their feelings over the situation. Kind of like when someone's pet dies and someone else responds to the news with "Well you can just get a new one!" That's how it feels to me when I see those comments, anyway. Is there a dynamic within the trans community which I'm not aware of that accounts for this and makes it ok, or am I hitting on a valid criticism here?

2) Why does the trans community seem to use such childish language? I don't mean that the conversations or topics are childish, I mean the actual words used. Gross, icky, yummy, tummy, etc. I haven't paid close attention to who is saying it, so I'm probably not even referring to you specifically, and who knows, maybe it's just one person talking like a 6 year old all the time and I haven't noticed that it's just one person. But I'm curious if there's some kind of identified reason for that.


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