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How to Spot a Cisgender Woman

The Trump administration recently released guidance on how to spot transgender women to make it easier to discriminate against us. I won’t bother repeating the details or linking to that here, instead for the people who run women’s spaces like shelters, clubs, and so on I want to offer you a more helpful guide. You

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Coding in Binary: Gender and “Biological Sex”

Folks love to ask trans people about two topics: sex and gender.  Sometimes they’re genuinely curious about the differences between these things and what those mean.  Sometimes they’re trying to catch us in an elaborate rhetorical trap wherein we either admit that gender is fake, admit we have some crazy ideas about sex, or admit

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RE: JK Rowling’s Latest Transphobic Tangent

Original Question: Ok, so I have a question. (Picture for context)   I understand the science behind intersex and how the sex of a person is a lot more complicated than just the binary system we’re taught. I also know that gender is something entirely different and is a spectrum.   I also consider JK

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