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Trans and Non-binary people on a couch taking a selfie together.

On The Struggle and Visibility of Non-Binary Folks

  My Response on Why Non-Binary Folks Might Seem Loud: So.. here are my thoughts. Just from one binary trans person to another. I’m gonna do a lot of writing below about non-binary folks from my perspective as a binary trans person. I don’t know if I’m right about these things, all I know is

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My Transition

This Orange Shirt

Funny thing. This orange shirt has become this WEIRD water mark in terms of like “How’s my body transition coming along” and I don’t know why my brain landed on it this way but here we are. I find clothing that hides my shape to be really distressing. I feel like one of the few

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My Transition

Sealed Away — Back In The Closet

For nearly the last 10 days I have been in relative isolation as COVID—19 starts its growth in the United States. The grocery stores have been sold out, businesses are closed. Social life in my city has more or less slowed to a crawl. Fear and apprehension lay like a blanket of tar across the

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