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I, Transsexual.

Oof, that’s a real loaded term, right? I remember the first time I encountered as a newly out trans person, and I did not much care for the person who used it. Later, I’d learn that that word was now almost explicitly the domain of a group of people called transmedicalists or truscum — which

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My Transition

The Bottom

Transition, making the choice to so drastically alter your body and your life, is a leap of faith. It’s more like a base jump, I suppose. And it’s foggy at the bottom. Every second of the way down you pray not to hit something, get hurt, or have the whole thing brought to a sudden

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My Transition

The Skipping Stone: Where Will Transition Take Me?

When I was a little girl in West Virginia, like really little, the nearest big toy store was about 45 minutes away. I didn’t really want for material things when I was a kid. We weren’t rich, but I never lacked. I was lucky that way. My father worked very hard and I had plenty

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