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My Transition

The Marble Woman

I will arrive at the hospital no later than 8:30 AM on April 28. When I arrive I will have a penis and testes. When I go to sleep that night, I will have a vagina and labia. No other day in my transition will be quite so stark as this one, nor so dramatic.

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My Transition

Confession: The Shame You Desire of Trans Women

“When you have the surgery, will you tell future partners that you’re trans?” As my surgery date (March 24, 2021) draws nearer people have more and more questions about what life looks like for me as a post-op, fully blending (passing), trans woman. I am, to so many people, the fabled “trap.” When people ask

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I, Transsexual.

Oof, that’s a real loaded term, right? I remember the first time I encountered as a newly out trans person, and I did not much care for the person who used it. Later, I’d learn that that word was now almost explicitly the domain of a group of people called transmedicalists or truscum — which

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