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Ten Years Challenge: The Fingerprints

Ten years ago… That would have been 2012. I went back through the photos and tried to get back into your head to remember where you were at for all of this. It’s all like it happened to a different person. The whole 2011-2012 saga was such a blur. You got to go to Kenya

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My Transition

Go Be The Stars

Hey, Evey. I recall once I was sitting at a table and suddenly I felt a pit open up inside me, a deep grief for the childhood version of me who wouldn’t recognize me today. I hoped she’d be proud of me, but most importantly I hoped I’d see a twinkle in her eyes when

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My Transition

Mirror, Mirror

Every time I’ve done any major transitional step, I’ve been stunned by not just the relief from my dysphoria but also new feelings that come up. I feel better and healthier but also empowered to go through my life being able to project the me that I see on the inside. A lot of my

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Dude. Get It Together

In the linguistic justice system, some crimes are especially heinous. Online, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Language Victims Unit. These are their stories… Dude. Wow. Ok, how did we get here? What’s all the hubbub about this word being masculine, or rather not

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