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My Transition

Mirror, Mirror

Every time I’ve done any major transitional step, I’ve been stunned by not just the relief from my dysphoria but also new feelings that come up. I feel better and healthier but also empowered to go through my life being able to project the me that I see on the inside. A lot of my

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Dude. Get It Together

In the linguistic justice system, some crimes are especially heinous. Online, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Language Victims Unit. These are their stories… Dude. Wow. Ok, how did we get here? What’s all the hubbub about this word being masculine, or rather not

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The Fractal System: A Different Way to Discuss Bodies

I think deeply about words. I love language. I respect it. And I believe that the descriptors “male” and “female” have outlived their usefulness in how we talk about sex and bodies. These are ancient words that have influenced civilizations, poems, governments, societies, and more. Their influence has not always been positive. Since the beginning,

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