Happy International Women’s Day

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This is a short one. I just want to say happy International Women’s Day to all the women out there.

Whether you’re cis or trans, y’all are amazing and powerful and life changing. Seriously. You all do things and live with environments on the daily that if you put them on paper would make you sound superhuman — because you are. And nobody gets to take that from you any day of the year but on this day let’s really scream it from the rooftops huh?

To my trans sisters, you’re part of this too and don’t you dare let anyone try to tell you otherwise. Your road to femininity might not have been obvious or clear but you are here and you are living and you are vibrant and amazing. Your stories are woven into the tapestry of this day just as much as anyone’s.

And that goes for my closeted trans sisters too. Just know that you are loved and when you are ready there’s a community of people out here ready to embrace you with open arms and warmth to take the chill off of this world. You are far more powerful than y’all imagine. We’re cheering for you ok? Take your time. We’re here when you’re ready. ❤

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