Evey's Affirming Surgeries

Want to learn more about bottom surgery and facial feminization surgery by following Evey’s journey as she works through the process of getting both?  What are the steps? What is the science? What does it feel like to be going through this process? Follow along and find out. 

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How to Help

Maintaining these groups and educating on this topic requires a lot of hours as well as Evey giving up a lot of her privacy to discuss her body, thoughts, and feelings. It wouldn’t be possible without support and contributions from her community.  

❄️ Direct Venmo/Cash App

Sending support this way can help cover medical expenses, co-pays for the MANY tests I have to do, my insurance, and travel costs for my surgery.
Venmo: @eveywinters
Cash App: $eveywinters

❄️ Amazon Wishlist

If you want to help purchase products that I need directly either as requested by my doctor or that I will need for my healing time at home (keyboard I can use from bed to write books and do things here, bathmat so I don’t fall, that sort of thing) you can do so on this wishlist.

❄️ Patreon

If you’d like to help support the ongoing labor and expense of educational services and products like this one, my upcoming books, or the other groups I own and manage that educate about topics like transness and polyamory as WELL as help fund my operations, Patreon is a really great “set it and forget it” style of fiscal support. There are some bonuses you get back like cute pictures of my dog, sneak peeks of upcoming books, and credits in my books and web articles. This money also goes to fixed expenses like web hosting, discord bots, and domain names, wiki software, and other services and products we use in our educational efforts.

❄️️ Meal Train

A girl’s gotta eat, right? I won’t be able to do a whole mess of cooking for myself during the first few weeks of surgery and the fastest way to an Italian girl’s heart is through her stomach, so if that’s a way you’d like to show support, My lovely partner 
 has set this up.


❄️ Non-Fiscal Ways:

Look, money’s tight and COVID sucks and while money and food and products are necessary for my health and recovery… people are, too. The love and care you show here in this group fuels me. Knowing that you’re learning emboldens me to do MORE. If you want to perform small gestures like sending a cards, or even arranging video chat time or visits with me post op to keep me company, you can do that too.

I will have a PO Box or publicly usable address soon that you’re welcome to ship to. To arrange time to visit with me, please make those arrangements with Kirsti

Learn in The Facebook Group

Read hundreds of updates and updates from Evey answering common questions and teaching about this experience.

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Our Community Discord is One of The Best Places to Follow along.

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