Where do you see yourself in say 10 years? Maybe 20?

I know you say you never thought you would make it this far, but you have and you seem to be on a path to happiness. So where does that path lead you?


Evey's Response

I genuinely don't know. It's weird to think about getting old, it's weird to think about being alive 5 years from now. I know I'd love to have kids. Gosh I love children so much and I'd love to have tons. I really think in a lot of ways my ideal is to have a place to live with a family of my own and to be content in that. I used to think I needed to set the world on fire before I died and that made me into quite the workaholic. Obviously I still work hard, right? Like I work at this a lot because it's so important to me and maybe I never stop working at this.

So I don't know. I hope one day my existence is casual and I can just make pancakes for my kids and play board games or something. That's really all I've ever wanted. But I'm never going to stop doing this work as long as it needs done so.. I guess I just hope those things aren't mutually exclusive.

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