Do you ever want to have children? If so are you planning to adopt or have/ will you bank your sperm? I feel like you would make an amazing mother. Also please be careful with your heart with this AMA, people can be cruel when they can hide behind a screen.


Evey's Response

I would love to have children.

I had the whole sperm bank vs adoption argument with myself before I started transitioning medically because, obviously, if I were going to make that decision I’d need to have made it back then.

I opted not to bank sperm very on purpose. I wanna say that like.. the decisions I made here are mine? So for me I had some considerations: I have a heretofore unknown autoimmune disorder that nearly killed me a few years ago (completely shut down my kidneys) and I’ve got a history of birth defects (I had a cleft palate), so these things tell me I’m probably carrying some less awesome genetic information.

So I definitely do plan to adopt, I’d like to have a loving and stable home/living situation before then. Like I’d like to have at least one ultra super committed relationship with someone I’d think would also make a good parent.

I really hope I’d make a good mom. I’ve got work to do on me before I’m ready for that. I still don’t really know what region I’d like to settle down in (though I have to say I’m getting more and more fond of the region I’m in). And of course I’d like to have more money, stability, and insurance before then, too. [cries in millennial]

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