Month: February 2020


Gardening For Allies: A Quick Guide

One of the most common questions that friendly people ask me as a trans person is about themselves: “How can I help?” “How do I be a good ally?” “Should I do…?”  Sometimes these questions come from a place of fear. Folks have been taught to be afraid of me as a trans person. They

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The Pink Predator

So there’s a comic making the rounds right now featuring a crocodile sneaking into a pond by “transitioning to a newt” so it can eat the poor creatures in the pond. And I’m not gonna link to it because honestly it’s positively phobic and vile, but I do wanna talk about it. Gosh I hate

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The Kids Are Alright

I had the absolute pleasure this weekend to get to answer some questions about trans and other LGBTQ issues for a class of young folks, they had a lot of great questions and my thoughts about the experience are all piled on top of each other like a box of necklaces I need to untangle

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My Transition

Five Years Later

I don’t like doing these. Not one bit. And I guess as I’m like.. literally a couple weeks away from one year since I started to medically transition like.. I’m doing them more because I’m worried about letting go of this and forgetting what it was like. I feel like remembering how much it hurt

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